I'm dedicated to promoting women's self-care. I'm here for both proactive women seeking to prevent overwhelm while caregiving, and those who may already feel exhausted. My mission is to empower and guide women in caregiving roles, helping them find balance, effectiveness, and fulfillment in their valuable service.

Uncover the Invisible Struggles: A Journey to Renewed Vitality

In the midst of selfless caregiving, it's easy for the vibrant energy within us to quietly slip away. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • The Focus Drain: Ever find yourself so engrossed in others' needs that your own fade into the background?
  • Thinking Pitfalls: Unrealistic expectations and closed-loop thoughts, making you feel like you should be doing it all alone.
  • Boundary Neglect: Boundaries blur, and your own needs take a back seat as you tirelessly strive to meet others'.
  • Stress-Induced Physiology: Shallow breaths, absorbing others' stress, and adopting responsibilities not meant for you.
  • Communication Struggles: Giving more than needed, overlooking your own priorities, and depleting your own reserves.
  • Missing Self-Care Moments: Neglecting respite, overlooking nourishing activities, and consistently placing yourself last.
  • Relational Challenges: Getting caught in the web of family dynamics, feeling triggered, angry, and resentful.
  • Nurturing Deficiency: Forgetting to replenish your own cup with self-healing practices like meditation, movement, and enjoyable exercise.
  • Vibrational Attunement: Starting each day without love in your heart, unknowingly stuck in a stress-induced mode.
  • Community Isolation: Feeling alone in your journey, lacking the support of like-minded people who understand and uplift.

It's Time to Reclaim Your Vitality:

If any of these scenarios resonate, it's a call to prioritize your well-being. Let's embark on a transformative journey together, restoring balance, joy, and fulfillment in your caregiving role. You don't have to navigate this path alone. Together, we'll unveil the invisible struggles and rediscover the vibrant energy that makes you, you.


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Self-care is my belief in the conscious, loving, and essential component for a happy, healthy life, illuminated during my role as a live-in caregiver for aging parents. In this demanding caregiving reality, I questioned its nature and discovered the potential for empowerment and fulfillment. To overcome my struggles, I integrated diverse healing approaches, like meditation and sound therapy, leading to personal transformation. These insights resonate with heart-centered women I've worked with. My unique approach blends Chiropractic, natural healing practices, and Women-Centered Coaching & Leadership, informed by masters like Grand Master Chunyi Lin and Dr. Claire Zammit. At CarolStotts.com, we redefine caregiving as a self-inclusive practice for empowerment, with my highest intention to guide you on this transformative journey.

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